OCEANSIDE, CALIF. — Salami maker Olli Salumeria is launching its first ever preservative-free salami offerings with a line of high-protein snacks.

Olli Salamini and Curd Snacks are formulated with a simplified salt curing process and naturally occurring polyphenolic compounds, eliminating the need for added nitrates and nitrites. The new process was developed to capitalize on the growing demand for clean label products and minimally processed foods, according to the company.

“Our preservative-free formula is proprietary but it effectively relies on antioxidants and basic salt to complete the curing process, instead of using any nitrate additives,” said Enrico Porrino, director of R&D and master salumiere at Olli. “It’s a health-conscious option that still produces the same complex flavor and sweeter, less acidic taste people associate with Olli Salami.”

In addition to the Salamini offerings, Olli is reformulating all 10 varieties of Olli Chubs using its preservative-free curing method, with plans to expand the process to its entire product lineup. The company also plans to launch two preservative-free salami varieties later this year.

“Salami making is steeped in tradition and many of our products are based on my family recipes dating back over 170 years, yet we also strive to innovate and modernize the process,” said Oliviero Colmignoli, founder and president of Olli. “Our preservative-free formula is a breakthrough that produces a great-tasting salami that delivers on what consumers want the most — quality, clean-label products without compromise to flavor.”